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Social Media Policy

Our concern is to protect that Telsim website remains respectful to all beliefs and worth.

Offensive or forbidding language or conduct directed at any person, including Telsim employees or other users, will not be tolerated and will lead to the deletion of posts and/or a block on the user. Do not post or link to content that contains illegal or indecent content, including defamatory, vilifying or misleading and deceptive content. Your honesty or dishonesty may be quickly noticed in the social media environment. Do not say anything that is dishonest, untrue or misleading. If you are unsure, check the source and the facts before uploading or posting anything.

Customer privacy is viewed as a priority for Telsim as a brand. Any information concerning customers is not to be discussed online in any circumstance. Telsim employees are also not permitted to contact customers for social reasons or soliciting outside of business.

We will continuously monitor all social media postings on our corporate account and proper copyright and reference laws should be observed by employees and users when posting online.

The company reserves the right to edit or amend any misleading or inaccurate content depicted in blog posts. The company also reserves the right to delete blog posts violating the code of conduct.

For IT security, use a security application to protect social media pages and configure social media accounts to encrypt communications whenever possible. Facebook, Twitter and others support encryption as an option. If any content you find on any social media web page looks suspicious in any way, close your browser and do not return to that page.

However, we do welcome any feedback on experiences you’ve had with Telsim when expressed in a constructive manner.