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Port IN – Port OUT Policy

Port IN Policy

Transferring your mobile number from your existing provider to Telsim is simple using Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service. Users can request to port from current to Telsim while activating your Telsim SIM card. If you agree to this transfer, we will speak to your existing mobile service provider to validate your request. We won’t be able to complete the transfer if it’s not validated.

We will use all reasonable efforts to port your phone number as soon as possible, but we have no liability to you for any delays in porting. Until porting process is completed, users can continue to use the services with your existing provider. Once the porting process is complete, the current provider’s SIM card will stop working, and you will have to insert the Telsim SIM card to get cellular connectivity back on your phone.
You will receive an e-mail from us within the next 4 hours to notify you that your number has been successfully ported. Porting hours apply so if you activate on a weekend, you may need to wait longer before the transfer completes.

If you wish to transfer your Services from another Supplier (‘Previous Supplier’) to Telsim, it is your responsibility to determine whether your contract with your Previous Supplier imposes any restrictions, costs or associated charges in transfer. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Telsim does not accept any liability for any amounts owing by you to your Previous Supplier and you must indemnify Telsim and hold it harmless against any such claim made by your Previous Supplier. You acknowledge that Telsim is not responsible for any ongoing charges payable to your Previous Supplier while that Supplier completes the transfer to Telsim. By making an application to transfer your Service, authorize Telsim to Contact your Previous Supplier about your Service.

For more details on bringing your number to Telsim, please refer here.

Port OUT Policy

We will be sorry to see you leaving but if you wish to transfer the service that has been supplied by Telsim to another provider, you can contact us for any details required to process your request with your new provider. You can only port the phone number; you cannot port any Credits or value-added services (e.g. voicemail). Any Credits you have on your Service will be forfeited if you port the phone number to another carrier or carriage service provider.

Telsim will provide the Service to you with due care and skill. If unexpected faults and/or service interruptions arise, Telsim will reasonably ensure to restore the Service as soon as possible in accordance with Telsim Maintenance Scheme. You may also raise a compliant for any inconveniences and we assure to attend it with priority.