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Complaint Handling Policy

Telsim seeks to maintain and enhance our reputation of providing you with high quality products and services. We value complaints as they assist us to improve our products, services and customer service. Telsim is committed to being responsive to the needs and concerns of our customers or potential customers and to resolving your complaint as quickly as possible. 

The company provides excellent customer service and maintains a healthy customer relationship at all levels from CEO down. We have a Complaints Policy to ensure all complaints are handled as efficiently and effectively as possible. As a customer of ours, you are entitled to make a complaint to us. It is one of our responsibilities to provide an efficient, fair and structured mechanism for handling complaints and also to provide our customers with access to the complaints handling process.

We aim to investigate and resolve all complaints within the following timeframes: 

1. For Urgent Complaints, within 2 business days. 

2. For all other complaints, within 5 business days, except where the complaint involves complex matters, in which case we will aim to resolve within 15 business days.  

If we reasonably believe that a resolution may fall outside of the timeframes above, we will contact you directly to discuss the reasons for the delay and advise a new timeframe. 

After your complaint is registered, we’ll give you a Complaint Registration Number (CRN). Save this number and use the same when you speak with us again or want an update on the progress of your complaint, to help us access a detailed record of your complaint. If your complaint does not relate to our products or services, we’ll try to help you identify a course of action.  

Customers can use any of the contact channels available in or email to to raise the complaints through our Level 1 Support Team.   

If our Customer Service team / Level 1 Support Team is not able to resolve your complaint in the first instance, your complaint will be escalated to a supervisor or manager for further assistance. Where they have been unable to assist, Customer Relations will take over management of your complaint.  

If at any stage of the process, you’re not happy with the progress or proposed resolution of a complaint or you want to know more about your options to pursue a complaint further, you can reach out to our escalation desk via email.  

1. You can write to our Customer Relations Manager at and we will respond to you within two business days from receipt of your email.

2. If your query is unresolved, you can escalate the matter to our nodal officer. You can contact the nodal officer at

3. In case the issue is still unresolved, the same can be escalated to the legal authority at

Resolving complaints at the earliest opportunity, in a way that respects and values the person’s feedback, can be one of the most important factors in ensuring an opportunity to recover a person’s positive feelings and confidence about our services. It can also help prevent further escalation of the complaint. To facilitate this, we will provide a responsive, efficient, effective, and fair complaint management system. To support goal to keep our customers satisfied, and that means as few complaints as possible, and that any complaints that do arise are dealt with openly, fairly, and promptly. Our complaints process is focused on your needs and expectations and is designed to be easy to understand. If you are not satisfied with our handling of your complaint and you have escalated this within Telsim, you may seek complaint mediation or further assistance from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman 1800 062 058. It is our aim that most complaints can be successfully handled under this Complaint Handling Process, and we do ask that you first allow us the opportunity to exhaust all avenues in resolving your complaint. Telsim believes that this Complaint Handling Process is the most effective and quickest way to resolve issues and we will use our best efforts to resolve your complaint efficiently in accordance with this process. If your complaint does not relate to our products or services, we’ll try to help you identify a course of action.