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Fair Usage Policy

Telsim has adopted the Fair Usage Policy to ensure access for customers to use Telsim Mobile Services and Telsim Home Internet Services as they require and to prevent unreasonable, exploited or excessive usage of these services under any circumstances. This Fair Usage Policy applies to the use of any and every service enlisted under Telsim Mobile Services and Telsim Home Internet Services with the intent to make these services available to eligible customers where the services are not used unreasonably.  

Under this Fair Usage Policy, we have defined fair use of services such as unlimited data transfer plans and home internet services, in which usage levels are set above normal limits such that customers will not be affected by the Fair Usage Policy.  

The unreasonable use of Telsim Mobile and Home Internet Services or Fair Use Promotion where your use of our listed services or participation in a Fair Use Promotion is reasonably considered by Telsim to be fraudulent or to adversely affect the Telsim Network or other Telsim Customer use of or access to a Telsim Service or Network.  

Among other things, “fraudulent use” includes resupplying a Telsim Mobile service or Telsim Home Internet service without consent so that someone else may access or use respective Telsim services or take advantage of a Fair Use Promotion.  

All Telsim products and services must be used for individual private use in a manner that is reasonable and acceptable and not to be used for any business purposes and operations of large groups. Unreasonable use of services includes but is not limited to leaving a call open unattended for a long time, mass distribution to many recipients, using for call centre services, telemarketing, wholesaling, etc. The use of calling cards, dialling applications or apps, or VoIP services, where the call is switched or re-routed to another destination, service, or number, and calling 13xx or 18xx numbers to make indirect calls through other providers are also prohibited. 

Correspondingly, all Telsim Home Internet products and services must be used for individual private use in a manner that is reasonable and acceptable and not to be used for any business purposes and operations of large groups. A customer is prohibited from using our service in any manner that would cause any detrimental impact on Telsim Home Internet’s Network, customer value or reputation. This includes but is not limited to engaging in the use of our services in a manner regarded to be unreasonable, unacceptable or exceeding ordinary use and distributing our services or products to others without obtaining our consent. Customers are not allowed to employ our services for any purpose other than their designated or agreed intent, such as using the home internet service for commercial or non-domestic activities. The prohibition stands the same for using services in a manner that causes or may cause interference, disruption, congestion, damage or generally suboptimal network performance as well as any customer employing our services in a manner that breaches our agreement with the NBN® or any other third-party suppliers. 

In common, using the products and services under Telsim Mobile and Telsim Home Internet for any illegal or unlawful activities is strictly prohibited. The prohibition includes but is not limited to submitting false account details for service access, unauthorized hacking or accessing another individual’s information without consent, engaging in the transmission of Spam or aiding in such activities, thereby violating the Spam Act 2003 (Cth), storing or transmitting data that violates Australian laws, including pornography and viruses and breaching of any relevant laws, including copyright infringement.  

Telsim chooses to treat the customers with the utmost priority. Retaining this upfront, we propose special Bonus Options, Bonus Data Dollars, discounts and offers at their convenience. The Fair Usage Policy was introduced and brought under Telsim Mobile and Telsim Home Internet to ensure that we do not approve excessive and fraudulent usage of any equipment to correlate with our policy or services. Along with the same, we do not encourage violence against any individual; or engage in abusive or harassing behaviour, such as disseminating offensive, deceptive, or threatening remarks (this extends to our respective staff); fostering hate, such as by propagating racist, sexist, or discriminatory rhetoric; posing a threat to the health or safety of any individual and utilizing our service to dispatch unsolicited or undesirable commercial electronic communications (Spam) to individuals or businesses. Thus, it can be challenging and affect our service reliability to a great extent. 

Various situations to use the policy under certain terms as follows: 


You are not allowed to resell or exploit SIM cards or Mobile services under Telsim Mobile Services. Disguising for resale purposes is also strictly prohibited. It is considered to be a breach of FUP when you use our mobile services as a carrier service provider who supplies services to other carriage service providers. 


Engaging in the utilization of the NBN® Infrastructure or NBN® Ethernet in a manner that induces or potentially induces interference, disruption, congestion, or overall suboptimal network performance is prohibited. This includes assessing whether using a service in a way that is deemed excessive or goes beyond normal use for the specific account type, like using a residential product for business or commercial purposes. Moreover, all attempts or actual participation in the activities listed below without proper permission are completely forbidden: disabling, disrupting, or interfering with the regular operation of any service or network, including overloading it, launching denial of service attacks, or flooding a network; investigating, scanning, or examining the weaknesses of a system or network; violating the security or authentication measures for a service or network; and servicing more than one location with a single connection.


In Telsim Mobile Services; 

The use of more than 2500 minutes per month on mobile service consecutively for 2 months is considered excessive use under the Fair Usage Policy. 

In the case of SMS, the Excessive is when the count is crossing 100 text messages in a day from a mobile phone. 

In the case of MMS, the Excessive is more than 50 people per day. Here MMS is considered to be sent to either email addresses or mobile phones. 


If you are not using the Fair Usage Policy reasonably as a customer, then it is considered unreasonable when the usage of our services will lead to network congestion. Resupply of services without our permission is also considered Fraudulent usage. 

Once we notice that you have breached the Fair Usage Policy, you may face actions from our service end as;  

  1. We will investigate the breach of the policy including contacting you and requesting you modify the manner in which you utilize our services. We may issue a formal warning with respect to the breach made by your side.
  2. We have the right to Suspend or limit to use of the Fair Usage Policy without prior notice for the same. You are supposed to do the same for all mobile services that are used in association with the Fair Use Policy.
  3. It is required to pay us a reasonable standard rate if it seems that you have breached our Fair Use Policy. The calculation will be based on the date we notified the same that we intended to charge the standard rate.
  4. In case, you have already paid for the above-mentioned mobile or home internet services, what you have to pay is the difference between the amount you have paid to us and the standard applicable retail rate (without any Fair Usage offer applied). The date calculation is from the day we notified you of the same. Where you are in breach of this Fair Usage Policy, Telsim may contact you to discuss changing your usage so that it conforms to this Fair Usage Policy. We reserve the right to vary the terms of the Fair Usage Policy from time to time without prior notice or intimation. As mentioned above, If the post reaches the levels of usage mentioned against your tariff plan in the FUP policy, your excessive or unreasonable use continues, Telsim may suspend the service, or terminate your agreement without further notice to you.
  5. In case we find that you have committed a legal offence, we will report the matter to the Authorities and provide them with your personal information (further details can be found in our Privacy Policy).